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May 4, 2020
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In this week's edition:
• Local Flavors
• Distributor Spotlight: Global Agency

***Endemol Shine Group***


Local Flavors

***ADVERTISEMENT - Armoza Formats***Kristin Brzoznowski checks in on what’s new in the popular genre of cooking formats.

Whether tuning in to watch amateur cooks pour their heart into a home recipe, witness the meltdown of an ego-driven celebrity chef in a high-pressure kitchen environment or be entertained by the antics of a judging panel in a blind taste test, viewers seem to have an insatiable appetite for food shows. Though the ingredients of what comprises a hit cooking format today may differ from the components of the plat du jour of the past, what remains unchanged is their success in the marketplace.

“We have always had good luck with cooking shows,” says Izzet Pinto, the founder and CEO of Global Agency. “Even today, these sell the best. This is true whether it’s a paper format or whether it has already been produced.”

He believes that of all the format genres, cooking series have the greatest chances of making it to air from paper pitches. “Let’s say that in a given country, there are five main channels; at least three of them will want a cooking format,” Pinto posits. “Whereas with a talent format, out of five channels, maybe one needs a talent show. Because the demand is so high, it’s an easier sell.”

Indeed, food shows remain a staple for many broadcasters around the globe, but what viewers have a taste for nowadays is changing, Pinto says. “In the past, people used to watch cooking shows with a popular host or chef to learn more about recipes, ingredients and cooking styles. Now, there are a lot of competition-based cooking shows—but with more drama.”

From Global Agency’s catalog, the drama-filled Rivals-in-Law and Momsters have been strong performers, with heightened emotional elements stemming from the family dynamics in the competitions helping to set them apart.

Chris Knight, the president and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media, sees a shift on the horizon in terms of what’s popular in the food space. “Formats right now in the food genre typically tend to be contests or competition shows,” he says. “There are still the big shiny-floor, high-budget perennial shows that we all know, like [ones where] somebody is in the kitchen yelling at the top of their lungs. Those shows are highly entertaining, but they’re going to run their course pretty soon; a lot of these shows are in their 10th or 11th season—sooner or later, they run out of steam.”

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The interviews for this report were conducted prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Media companies are currently shifting their strategies in the wake of production postponements and economic trends.


Distributor Spotlight: Global Agency

ADDRESS: Abdi Ipekci Caddesi, Park 19, K3, 34367 Nisantasi, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey
TELEPHONE: (90-212) 241-2693
WEBSITE: www.theglobalagency.tv
CEO: Izzet Pinto
PROGRAMS: The Legend: talent show; Cleaning Masters: competition; Sanatorium of Love: seniors dating; Glam Squad: daily reality; Babysitter: Celebrity Undercover: lifestyle; Stylish Plus: fashion; Golden Spoon: cooking; Parent Trap: dating; Who Knows Best; Accidental Chef.

***Image***Cleaning Masters is a daytime show that brightens up the dirtiest homes, where the contestants battle it out to clean up a dirty and messy house with the aim of winning a big prize. So far, 135 episodes have been aired in Turkey, having a huge impact. The first territory in the international market where it will be launched is Russia. Since it is a new genre, we are seeing huge interest in the international market.

The Legend is a unique talent show where contestants shape their own destiny over 13 weeks, performing again if their first attempt is not good enough, as they bid to become stars and perform duets with the famous singers on the jury. Our aim is to franchise this show worldwide because it is a perfect fit for prime time.

Glam Squad is a daily reality show where teams compete to bring out the beauty. Four teams of hair designers and makeup artists compete each day to glamorize beautiful models in a contest judged by their fellow competitors and expert jury members, as they strive to win a weekly cash prize. Glam Squad has been on air for 250 episodes. The show has generated big buzz on social media, and that interaction has resulted in high ratings.

When Global Agency was established in 2006, the catalog consisted solely of formats. Since then, we have expanded it to include a broad portfolio of powerful dramas, but the formats have remained important for us. We have innovative formats that have rapidly captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. We draw upon a rich pool of creativity and have diversified into formats such as lifestyle, talent, dating and game shows. Through the years, we have had flagship formats such as Shopping Monsters, Blind Taste and Joker. In the future, we will continue to distribute more flagship formats.”
Izzet Pinto, CEO

This Week's Top 5

Studio Lambert’s Celebrity Watch Party Lands on FOX

Celebrity Watch Party, a new U.S. take on the Gogglebox format, is slated to launch on FOX May 7.

TBS Revives Wipeout

TBS has ordered a revival of the competition series Wipeout, which will feature a reimagined format.

Swedish Commission for LEGO Masters

Endemol Shine Group has lined up a deal that will see Meter Television producing a local version of LEGO Masters for TV4 in Sweden.

Armoza Formats Launches Beat the Grid

Armoza Formats is launching Beat the Grid, a new interactive game show that uses CGI technology to turn a simple set into a big shiny-floor format.

Citytv Launches Canadian Family’s Got Talent Contest

Citytv has kicked off Canadian Family’s Got Talent, a month-long talent contest with thousands in cash and prizes.

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